Trouble Hunter Chronicles
A point and click adventure game in post war Europe
Twisting Vines
An adult Visual Novel
For mature audiences only! Experience a blend of real life situations with a touch of fantasy!


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About us

Iskonsko Studio is an indie game development studio composed of game enthusiasts with years of experience in the video gaming industry.

We do all aspects of the game, from initial idea through design and final bug testing in house. Not using full time employees we opt for the freelance approach where our experts work from home and do what they do best in the surroundings where they can walk around in their underpants!

Iskonsko Studio started with the release of Twisting Vines on Patreon in 2019. and was founded as a company in 2020

Top releases

Trouble Hunter Chronicles
Trouble Hunter Chronicles
Trouble Hunter Chronicles: The Stolen Creed is a first person point and click adventure game which places…
Twisting Vines
Twisting Vines
Twisting Vines is an adult visual novel intended for mature audiences. It brings a truly interactive experience…

Latest reviews

Twisting Vines episode 2 rocks! Gotta say I’m pretty impressed with this episode. I played the demo before, and while it was cute, it was way too short to really inspire confidence whether this would grow into something worthwhile or not. But this episode has a LOT more than the demo had, and is very…