Trouble Hunter Chronicles


Trouble Hunter Chronicles: The Stolen Creed is a first person point and click adventure game which places you in the shoes of Thomas Conner, an ex OSS operative in post war Europe. Can you prove yourself worthy of the character’s skills and experience when you find yourself in the middle of a strange and mysterious plot? Find out in Trouble Hunter Chronicles! You’ll search for your friend discovering hidden plots avoiding ex Nazis, crazy Frenchmen and spooky cultist! What is happening? Whatever it is, something sinister is afoot and you can learn more by following the development!

Originally written by Iskonsko Studio, Trouble Hunter Chronicles is rich in story and bringing new journal entry mechanics to the adventure genre. We’re trying to keep all the best of old school adventure games while getting rid of the annoying or needles elements.

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The game is available on STEAM or (MAC version only on