Twisting Vines


Twisting Vines is an adult visual novel intended for mature audiences. It brings a truly interactive experience to the player with its unique branching system! Visual novels let players experience the game through text and visual images and Twisting Vines is no different in that respect. What is different is the way we imagined the game. It’s a slice of life style game and based in reality. The situations players find themselves in are normal every day things which could happen to all of us. Of course, for game purposes, the situations do go further out than what generally happens to you and me in our lives, but are still mired in the realm of possible. While the game contains many different sexual kinks to satisfy your needs and is LGBT friendly, you need not worry you’ll see something you have no intention to since the game takes player choices to a new level! It may appear short and lacking content or, as one player described it, a “quiet normal life simulator” but that’s because every choice you make matters and the game is meant for multiple playthroughs! Twisting Vines is an episodic game which is being released on our Patreon. You can try out the free version or become a Patron to get access to the latest release.

Impatient to know more? Check the video presentation of Twisting Vines (the video is a bit outdated, presenting an older version of the game).

Project details

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  • Available platforms: PC, MAC, ANDROID